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With our mochi, ‘vegan’ isn’t what makes it different, it’s what makes it delicious. We simply believe in making the best, most sumptuous bites better than the rest. If only everything in life was this naturally good.

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I just wanted to say I ordered a bunch of these and was so astonished by the quality and taste - it's real legit mochi! Was so excited and can't wait to order more. Now I don't have to visit Japan to get my fix!


WOW! I am a big mochi fan and this is the best mochi I've had. Seriously good work. I was not expecting that! So good in fact that I finished the 7 I ordered in days!


Just ridiculous how good these are. I've had mochi in Tokyo, and these are exactly the same. Stupidly delicious. Very hard to eat only one. DE-licious.