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Stephanie Lo
The mochi itself was soft and chewy, simply perfect! But what caught my attention was the “cream ice” filling. It didn’t melt one single bit, but still creamy and no mess!
If you’re craving authentic Japanese crafted mochi with 19 unique flavours to choose from, make sure to check out Yuum to enjoy these tasty bites of joy delivered right to your doorstep!
Yee Wen
The Muscat grape flavor is a burst of pure delight, my favorite by far! What's even better is that it stays chewy and doesn't melt like other mochi, making it a perfect treat anytime, anywhere.
Yuum's mochi is a delightful treat! The White Peach flavor is a wonderful surprise, and it stays satisfyingly chewy, unlike other desserts that melt away. I truly enjoyed the unique taste experience
This mochi definitely lives up to its brand’s name! Yuum’s mochi are all made in Japan and needless to say I am obsessed!
These were super tasty and we really enjoyed the surprise of a whole strawberry inside the mochi! Make sure you let these beauties defrost properly.