Yuum is a culinary experience brand. Our mission is to take people on a journey through authentic tastes and flavours from different cultures. With a shared sense of curiosity and passion for adventure and authenticity. We are a place to share, discover and return to.

Mochi are a moreish mouthful of frosty goodness wrapped in thick, chewy rice shells (which are gluten-free, by the way). Our mochi are perfectly portioned for a bitesized pick-me-up, or as a dessert to impress. Since mochi are a traditional Japanese product, we have decided to offer the most authentic mochi produced in Japan – ‘The Real Mochi’. Try them and see the difference from anything you have ever tried before!

‘The Real Mochi’ contain only the most authentic ingredients (Japanese Yuzu, Japanese Mikan Mandarin, Japanese Muscat Grape and others). Using innovative ‘Cream Ice’ technology in the production enables our mochi to be consumed both frozen (for an ice-cream-like feel) and thawed (for a more mousse-like feel). You never have to worry about our mochi tearing and dripping out like generic gelato ice cream.

Our mochi are produced in Japan using the state-of-art technologies combined with hundreds of years of expertise of Japanese mochi makers. Even if you find other mochi in the UK that are produced in Japan, most likely they will be available only in traditional flavours (for example with Adzuki Red Beans). Yuum’s ‘The Real Mochi’ collection is the biggest mochi collection available in the UK that has been authentically produced in Japan.

Yuum is available for delivery on this website. Yuum will also be available in a cafe concept later in 2024, subscribe to our newsletter to find out more and to keep up with the launch details!

We deliver same-day in Central London and next-day (with Royal Mail) UK Nationwide.

All of our next-day (Royal Mail) orders are shipped in insulated packaging with plenty of ice packs to maintain the frozen temperature for as long as possible. This always guarantees that the products arrive cold enough to be placed into a freezer on receipt.

Please ensure someone is available for the delivery to be accepted and stored in a freezer as soon as possible.

Currently we have 19 flavours available across 3 collections. Our Whole Fruit collection offers the biggest mochi, containing whole pieces of fruit (Strawberry and Japanese Mandarin). Our Cool Fruit collection offers medium sized mochi, which contain fruit pieces and a layer of vegan cream, available in 4 flavours (Double Blueberry, White Peach, Pineapple Almond and Matcha Medley). Our Cream Ice collection is the biggest collection on offer with 13 flavours to pick from ranging from sweet and fruity flavours, to much bolder flavours like coffee and matcha. Discover what flavours we have on offer on ourProducts page.

1. For our Cream Ice Mochi Collection - we recommend 5-10 minutes out of the freezer before consumption (however, you may enjoy it the way you like it - play and find out what works best for you!)

2. For our Cool Fruit and Whole Fruit Collections - we recommend at least 40-60 minutes out of the freezer before consumption (due to frozen pieces or whole fruits inside of mochi taking longer to defrost)

Our mochi currently on offer are all gluten-free. However, please always check the detailed allergen information on the individual product pages before ordering.

All 19 mochi products we currently have on offer are vegan.

All of our mochi are suitable for vegans, however, we do not currently have a Halal certification.

All of our mochi are suitable for vegans, however, we do not currently have a Kosher certification.

Allergens handled on site: Milk, Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Egg, Sulphites, Gluten. Please check each individual flavour for allergen information and precautionary allergen information before purchasing and consuming. Allergens are highlighted in bold in the ingredients list which indicates this flavour 100% contains this allergen. Please also take note of the “may contains” allergens below the ingredients list, this highlights the risk of cross contamination of allergens to a product. Whilst we have strict controls in place, we cannot guarantee 100% absence of these allergens.

Nutritional, ingredient & allergen information can be found on each of the mochi’s individual product pages and packaging. For more information, please email hello@yuum.co.uk